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Please read about this software in a peer reviewed article published in the G3 (Genes Genomes Genetics) journal:

Tinker, N.A., W.A. Bekele and J. Hattori. 2016. Haplotag: software for haplotype-based genotyping-by-sequencing analysis. G3: Genes Genomes Genetics, Volume 6, pp. 857-863, doi: 10.1534/g3.115.024596 (LINK to full text).

Status, January 28 2015:
The Haplotag manuscript is published and available from G3.
If you are citing Haplotag, please use the G3 reference (above) and not the BioXrv preprint that was previously posted here.
A new version of Haplotag was released on Oct 5, 2016 and is the current distribution on this site.

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